Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another UFC Record in the Making

Floyd Mayweather in the UFC

Is Floyd Mayweather coming to the UFC? Some say that this is the big news Dana has been claiming he'll make next week.

I think he is going to have Floyd headline at Madison Square Garden, when the New York Athletic Association sanctions MMA. It could be the biggest Pay-Per-View in UFC history and would attract many boxing fans that have yet to check out UFC.

What is more amazing is that Anderson Silva has decided to try fighting in the Light Heavyweight division.

If he gets 1 win against a top-5 guy, he should surely be in line for a title shot.

I think he should be put up against Machida.

Anderson Silva is currently the most dominant Middleweight on the planet. There is not another middleweight that could come close to beating him.

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